Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pay revision (Revised Pay structure)of BHEL announced (PSU or CPSE company)

by Shankar 20 comments


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Finally Pay revision of BHEL executive was announced today according to sources.
The Pay revision of PSU or CPSE employees was expected
to unmask today and its officially announced in BHEL. A circular has been released in BHEL detailing the pay structure.

The basic pay of A engineer trainee will increase to Rs 20400 and after confirmation it will be Rs 23200. Allowances including all perks and packages will be limited to 50% of basic. So in indirect terms the expected hike is a myth now. Its the worst hike ever in any PSU or CPSE in the entry grade. Many companies have been waiting for this hike since last two year and i tell you this hike will cause nightmare only and nothing else. Other companies waiting for hike are SAIL, ONGC,NTPC,IOCL etc.

Comments 20 comments
Anonymous said...

Whats training period for BHEL Engineer trainee?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

its one year..

2.5 months classroom and 8 months on the job training

Anonymous said...

What is the net amount received by an Engineer Trainee in BHEL during the first month of training if he takes and doesnt take accomadation?

Anonymous said...

22k after deduction of 3k for PF and IT..due for revision..Chill

Anonymous said...

Thanx :) What will it be approximately after revision?And why do they claim to offer 4.5-5 lakhs if it is only 22k?

Anonymous said...

Which is the the revised pay scale of skileed artisan at bhel

Anonymous said...

Anonymous says:
September 25, 2009 7:38 AM
Thanx :) What will it be approximately after revision?And why do they claim to offer 4.5-5 lakhs if it is only 22k?

Anonymous :4.5-5 lakhs p.a is before any deductions. in addition (all employees) you get the following periodically.
(of course not included in 4.5-5 lakhs )
1.uniform shoes (2009-10 rs.1200/= paid cash, previous years,shocks
2.two punch one lunch(of course you have to work also), lunch worth not less than some times more than 100/= (unlimited),twice a week + vada (worth not less than 10/=)
3.tea/coffee in am/pm.
4.uniform 1 or 2 pair with stritching charges.
5.pen,pencil eraser etc.
7.twice a year sweets etc( good quality)
8.twice a year bonus.
9.medical treatment to the self/spouse and dependant parants as per
10.end of every month salary to your bank account will never fails.
and many more ...last but not least, if you are a bachlor and looking for a girl to mary, surely you will get immediately beacuse girl's parents will prefer a bhel engr.

Anonymous said...

ok..ok you have forgotten medical facility is to entire family as per rule, children's crech, eligible for various types of leaves amounting to min.50 days per annuam apart from maternity/paternity leaves etc ,retirement age:60 yrs, but why they are not implimenting the wage revision are they afraid of something .... ??????

Anonymous said...

lol!!!really funny!why didn't u include free tissues and toilet papers in your list?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

pay is only 22k......... but advertisement says its 5lac per anum....... den wat ar da cuttings which ll be more dan 15k......

Anonymous said...

this 22k you get including hra or excluding u get home also in 22k

Anonymous said...

See, the benefits that you get in any psu, that cannot be monetized and then compared as a CTC, as is what quoted by private companies.

CTC is just a rough estimate of all the benefits which you can accrue in a calender year. mind it, you may not accrue all of them. Like suppose you need to provide medical bills to get medical reimbursements...likewise.

You should always go with the basic. Compute every contributions to your salary with that basic. these contributions are so many in number that you can only get a feel of them once you are in the employment. Roughly you may consider the take home salary as is what written in the above comments. although that doesn't includes HRA i suppose.

Finally one thing I would like to add is that, at the end of day you dont find yourself much lagged behind in monetary terms than your friend who is working for a private company. To add on it, take into account the holidays, working hrs and other job related nuances that comes into play while you are in the employment. Working long, and long means number of years, not hrs in day, and driving out satisfaction is only possible in a PSU.

Hope this clears many doubts... :)

Anonymous said...

it sure does.thank you!

Anonymous said...

f**k bhel

these psus r the biggest liar they offer 5-6 & give u meager 20k per month which a teenager can easily earn without any degree in a call center.

this company has ruined my entire career . i didn't accepted mnc offers earlier as this liar company was offering 8.4 but the reality is that u r getting not more thenn 30k .

go to hell u "bhel"

Anonymous said...

Dear, Bhel is one of the best PSU on the basis of work culture and also salary wise,,,, if a IT firm like infy hire ppls at 3.2 ctc and give only 12 to 15 with accomodation. But BHEL offers you best salary right from ur begining. During one year training net amout in hand would be around 36 K and after one year it would be 46 in hande. Right now i m in BHEL delhi office and my gross salary is 53,000 and beside this company contribute 4000 per month in ur PF and gives u 80,000 per year as bonus and there are several routes through which company like to increase ur wealth ......... so now what will u say?

Anonymous said...

hi, dude i like to know that is back door entry possible in bhel. i mean someone is ensuring me that he can get me to bhel for engg. post in hariduar and the salary told by him is around 65k.i like to know about the current salary for an engineer rightaway in bhel.plz help me out with u r precious information.

Anonymous said...

@Ananymous-Are you a Engineer Trainee?When did u join BHEL.
I want to know if i join BHEL as Enginner Trainee after 6th pay commission what will be monthly take home.In the advertisement it says 4.5-5 lakhs(subjected to revision)

kp said...

What is the minimum time period for giving a loan for a bhel employee ,after joining as a fresher...
do they give more than 5olack or 1cr.

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